Team GSF SB Marathon: My X-Factor and the Final Stretch.

Hard to believe, but nine months has come and gone since I set out to do my first training run for the Santa Barbara Marathon while on a trip with Victoria and Gwendolyn to Monterey, California. And it’s been¬†five months since I decided to go for it and we officially launched our Team GSF SB […]

Team GSF SB Marathon: Help Us Reach Our $26,200 Team Fundraising Goal

Thirty Team GSF runners are challenging and pushing themselves for the SMA cause in the Santa Barbara International Marathon on November 12, 2011. 30 competitors! And on top of the immense personal physical commitment they’ve made, they have collectively set a team fundraising goal of $26,200 for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation (GSF) to help end […]

Team GSF Conquers Ironman France

The athletes involved with Team GSF are amazing! We are continually humbled by what they accomplish and that they are doing it for the SMA cause. David Price is a college friend of Bill’s. You may remember he competed in a triathlon last year for Team GSF in honor of Gwendolyn. He blew us away […]

Goal Set. Goal Achieved: Montecito Half Marathon

What an incredible experience — I finished the Montecito-Summerland Half Marathon on Saturday in just under 2 hours! On Saturday, my great friend and fellow Team GSF SB Marathon runner, Mike Paskin, our friend, Steve Fergusson, my awesome trainer, Mike Claytor, and I conquered the first annual Montecito-Summerland Half Marathon. For me, it was my […]

Team GSF SB Marathon: Hills, interval training, and the Montecito Half Marathon

Well, well, well… time really is flying around here. It seems like yesterday I did my first training run and made the decision to run a marathon. And now we’re only a little more than 4 months out from the Santa Barbara International Marathon in November 2011. Yikes! When I decided to train for the […]

Team GSF SB Marathon: 20 Plus Runners and a Few Things I’ve Learned

We’re a little under five-and-a-half months out from the Santa Barbara Marathon and I’m feeling great. I’m loving my training and it’s become a normal part of my weekly routine — two strengthening workouts followed by thirty minute runs and one one hour run. The intensity is definitely picking up but I can feel the […]

I’m Running the Santa Barbara Marathon

I’ve always wanted to run a marathon — it’s one of those goals I planned to “one day” check off my list. But, to be honest, the last time I ran in any way was home from my office the day Gwendolyn was diagnosed with SMA. That was over three years ago. She was just […]

New Bedford Half Marathon Update and New Team GSF Runners!

We are bowled over by all of the enthusiasm and positive energy being put toward fighting SMA! Runners are signing up left and right and we think it is simply incredible! And we are super excited to learn that the race director of the NB Half and the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick committee are […]

Racing to End SMA!

A few days ago I told you about the upcoming New Bedford Half Marathon on March 20th. And since that post, a dozen new people have joined the team! So the number is now over 40! 4-0 all running on one day, in one race, to help end this brutal disease!!! Running for a cause […]

100 Miles For Owen A Huge Success!

Stephen is amazing. Seriously, jaw-dropping amazing. Some folks never even lace up their tennis shoes, let alone run over 100 miles, through rugged terrain, battling both snow and heat — all to help increase awareness of the disease that took the life of a friend’s child. Stephen didn’t have to do this. And even in […]