It Arrived!!! Let the Adventures Begin!

Yep…it’s an extra special, super duper, really big, awesome, stupendous surprise… just in time for Christmas! Gwendolyn’s POWER CHAIR ARRIVED! EEEEEEEEEEEE! Yipee! Yipee! We are pretty darn excited around here…but most importantly, Gwendolyn is OVER. THE. MOON!!! Yesterday all three of us went to Gwendolyn’s therapy appointment with fingers crossed that her chair would really […]

Our Preschooler! First Day of School Today!

Gwendolyn is going to preschool. She’s going to preschool. PRESCHOOL! Today is the big day! Her very first day of school. Can you believe it? So the logistics. I am going with her. It’s funny because this is never something Bill and I talked about. We never asked permission from anyone. We both just knew I […]

Gwendolyn’s 3rd Birthday: Disneyland!

Where do we even begin… Disneyland was an absolutely amazing experience for Gwendolyn (and us, too)!!! To see the imaginative world through the eyes of your child is incredible…for any parent…and for us, well, it was everything — surreal!!! There isn’t really a ONE thing that stands out as the best — it was more […]

Therapy and G’s Awesome Therapists

Gwendolyn has therapy every day — on some days twice. The therapy ranges from stretching to play and sometimes a combination of the two, but all of it allows Gwendolyn to experience things she could not without the help of some very special people. Therapy for SMA children is a challenge. It’s not rehabilitation — […]

Dance Party USA

So every evening as I wait for Bill to get home from work I find myself gazing longingly at the clock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Where is my reinforcement? I think this end of the day fade is true for most parents — the kids are spent, parents are fried, but it’s not quite time […]

Our Barista

Nonfat, three pump, no whip, extra foam, grande mocha, please! That’s my order every morning for the cutest barista on the block! Gwendolyn loves helping and every morning she and Daddy head down to the kitchen after brushing teeth and getting dressed for the day to make coffee. She hangs out on the counter and […]

Horse Therapy

As you know Gwendolyn adores mini horses. She just lights up whenever she is around them and clearly gets so much from seeing them. But Quicksilver, the mini horse breeder, is not super near us, which got me thinking about the possibility of being involved with a horse therapy non-profit called Hearts Therapeutic located here in […]