Birthday Bonanza Final Giveaway and Beb-e-ssentials Birthday Bash

Whew! What a month! Thank you all so very much for your kindness and generosity, your thoughtful notes to Gwendolyn for her birthday, the special cards and gifts you have sent, your donations to our $36 for 36 campaign, and your continual cheerleading and support of our little girl! To be surrounded by such positivity […]

Birthday Bonanza Final Giveaway and the Fun Continues!!!

We are ending Gwendolyn’s 3rd Birthday Bonanza with a BANG! This has been so much fun and so exciting each week! I wish we could give something to everyone for participating…hmmm…need to think on this! I want to give a big thank you to all the wonderful companies who wanted to be part of Gwendolyn’s […]

Gwendolyn’s Birthday Bonanza Giveaway #3: My Bunny and Me

Only one more week until Miss Gwendolyn’s BIG 3rd birthday! We are so excited!!! And we are having so much fun sharing the celebration with all of you! I can’t believe my little baby is almost THREE!!! 36 Months = 3 Years! Where has the time gone? And I know I’ve posted this video already, […]

Gwendolyn’s Birthday Bonanza Giveaway #2: Bella Claire Baby Bloomers

Drum roll please….the winner of the “Gwendolyn Necklace” by Cristina Ashley Designs is… Ann Walker! Ann is going to give her necklace to Molly, who lost her daughter, June, to SMA. We are so happy for her to win this and we know Molly will love it. Congratulations Ann! (Be sure to send me an […]

Gwendolyn’s Birthday Bonanza Giveaway #1: Cristina Ashley Designs

Yes, a giveaway! A 3rd Birthday Bonanza Giveaway! And you are ALL eligible to win! Remember in this post last week, I mentioned there would be fun things all month long leading up to (and beyond) Gwendolyn’s official big October 4th birthday? Well, today is the first giveaway in honor of Gwendolyn’s upcoming 3rd birthday […]