ONE WEEK LEFT: Beb-e-ssentials Birthday Bash

Whew – where did the month go? There is only one week left in October, which means only one week left to be part of Beb-e-ssentials Birthday Bash for Gwendolyn! These fabulous ladies have turned their entire business over to increasing SMA awareness and funding and we are simply blown away by them on a […]

Beb-e-ssentials Fundraiser Ending

The Beb-e-ssentials fundraiser has been a big success!  I love that everyone is so excited about their handmade order and so pleased with it when it arrives. And I just melt when I see the pictures of all the darling children wearing their Beb-e-ssentials gear so proudly! (See gallery below and check our Facebook fan […]

Beb-e-ssentials Fundraiser & The Gwendolyn Butterfly

The butterfly in our logo is more than a design element. And while I have called Gwendolyn my little butterfly since she was a baby, it is more than that, too. Like a butterfly, SMA children have beautiful bright knowing spirits, but are delicate and fragile and confined in the cocoon of their weak bodies. Recently […]