Birthday Part 3: The Actual Day and Lion King 3D

This is the last birthday celebration post. We had so much fun that it was just too much to cram into one post; hope you aren’t tired of the big 4 hullabaloo. To be honest it has been nice for us to reflect on this milestone and truly appreciate all the good things for Gwendolyn […]

A Dream Come True

Firstly, thank you all so much for the many birthday wishes. You really made me feel special and cared for — and your messages, cards, and Facebook posts meant a lot to me (although Bill said I was clogging up his fb feed :))!!! I have to say that this may have been the best […]


Three words: Camping with Hayden! Yep and that equals a VERY happy little girl…make that two very happy little girls…and four very happy parents watching them. Visualize: fishing, dancing, camp fire, sparklers, family, FUN! Chris and Jennifer set everything up. They are spending time in Pismo Beach which is only about an hour and half from […]

The MDA and Gwendolyn

SMA is a muscular dystrophy disease. Like cancer and its many awful versions, there are many forms of muscular dystrophy that fall under this one umbrella. The Muscular Dystrophy Association was the first organization to really put a face to these many diseases with long and often hard to pronounce names impacting so many people. […]

Good Things: Monterey Bay Aquarium With Hayden

Oh we have some pretty big “good things” this week with numero uno being that Gwendolyn is doing well! We are still watching her closely and hoping napping and diet changes will boost her energy level back up. We’ve been taking it easy since we got home and “Nap Boot Camp” has officially started. I’d […]

Snow At The Santa Barbara Zoo

We had an AWESOME day yesterday! Awesome! And we needed it. The Santa Barbara Zoo hosted their annual “Snow Leopard Festival” (you may remember we went last year). The Santa Barbara Zoo actually trucks in piles and piles of ice to create snow for a one day really special event. They build a sledding track, […]

Thanksgiving Weekend

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.  ~Thornton Wilder We have had a lovely long Thanksgiving — a quiet, simple, fun family weekend. And it feels so good! And throughout it all, we were especially conscious of our many blessings! I know we […]

Gwendolyn’s 3rd Birthday: Disneyland!

Where do we even begin… Disneyland was an absolutely amazing experience for Gwendolyn (and us, too)!!! To see the imaginative world through the eyes of your child is incredible…for any parent…and for us, well, it was everything — surreal!!! There isn’t really a ONE thing that stands out as the best — it was more […]

Little Star Love

Gwendolyn is in love — L.O.V.E.  His name is Little Star and he is her mini horse best friend!!! Little Star moved to a new home over by the beach about three weeks ago and we have been going out to see him every chance we get. The best part is Gwendolyn completely controls everything. […]

Little Miss Firecracker

We had a really fun weekend and a great 4th of July. 1. It felt really nice to just be together. I don’t know why because we are together quite a lot, but this weekend seemed a little slower…a little less doing and just being — and I loved it. 2. Bill got to go […]