A Royal Tea Party in Oz

This weekend Gwendolyn received a very special package of gifts (more on that later) — one of which is a Wizard of Oz tea set. Gwendolyn has been in heaven playing with it. We had a tea party yesterday with Laurie, Chris and Connor at the Santa Barbara Mission. And this morning Gwendolyn and I […]

Gwendolyn In The AeroSling Swing

It’s no secret, Gwendolyn LOVES to swing on the swings. We can’t even think about walking past the park near our house these days without taking her on the swings. And at her preschool, she’s on the swings every single day. She loves it. And we love it. Most of the time we hold Gwendolyn […]

Good Things For Gwendolyn: Being Like Her Friends – Reading, Climbing and Sharing

It has been an exciting week at school this week. Gwendolyn “climbed” a tree and this is now her favorite thing to do. She saw all the other big girls in the tree and looked at me with an expression that said, Mom, we are doing this. It took some navigating, but seeing her so […]

New Awesome SMA Resource: InsideSMA

The Gooden family has been hard at work creating a really incredible resource for SMA families — InsideSMA. I always love when families come up with something new and innovative to help others!!! The tips, tricks, and advice on here are really wonderful. Everything from how to prepare for and manage mucus plugs to strategies […]

Fun With SMA Friends

Ahh what a weekend! It was awesome!!! GSF’s Golf For A Cure was held on Friday (more on that soon) and we were so, so excited that several of our SMA friends came into town to support it and spend time with us. The Calafiore’s, Chris and Jennifer, and their darling daughter, Hayden, stayed at […]

Summer Fun

The summer has just begun, but we have already been having lots of fun. We’ve been having picnics with friends. We’ve been teaching our princesses to dance. We’ve been swinging in our new swing. We’ve been taking Abby Cadabby for strolls. We’ve been relishing time with old friends. We’ve been reading lots of books and […]

Dance Party USA

So every evening as I wait for Bill to get home from work I find myself gazing longingly at the clock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Where is my reinforcement? I think this end of the day fade is true for most parents — the kids are spent, parents are fried, but it’s not quite time […]

Easter Egg Fun

Gramma is so creative and I am so glad. I have been busily collecting little gifts for Gwendolyn’s Easter basket over the last few weeks (the usual sweets in the basket don’t work for a child who doesn’t eat by mouth), but I completely forgot about dying Easter eggs…and that’s a perfect activity for Gwendolyn! […]

New LOVE: Hide & Seek

Anyone up for a game of Hide & Seek? But, where is Gwendolyn??? Is she behind the curtains… Is she in the closet… Is she under the pillows… SURPRISE!!! Gwendolyn’s newest favorite game is hide & seek. She loves the counting. She loves the whispering about where to hide. She gets so excited watching as […]

Special Buddies

Gwendolyn loves her friends. She just loves them. When I say their different names, she immediately lights up and gets so excited about going to see them. And although she usually watches from her stroller or from the couch as they play (toddlers are pretty busy), I can tell she still feels included. She listens […]