Health Net Health Insurance Premium Increase: 18% this year, 136% over last 4

Health Net — our health insurance provider — is at it again this year raising our health insurance premiums at ridiculous rates. This year it was a clean 18%. Yup, 18%. That number is crazy on its own, but what % do you think Health Net has raised our health insurance premiums over the last […]

Gwendolyn’s Story on the Floor of Congress Yesterday

Over the years we’ve been pretty outspoken about our experience with health insurance and our health insurance provider, Health Net (see past posts here, here, here, here, and here), and our thoughts on the health care reform legislation that was passed in 2010 (see the article on our family in the New York Times and our post here). With the swearing in […]

Another Health Net Insurance Premium Increase

Okay. Okay. Okay. I actually should be throwing a massive party this year compared to the last two. Health Net blessed our family with a palatable — if you can call any increase palatable – 9.75% annual increase in our health insurance premiums. Not too shabby compared to the 35% annual increase last year and […]

New York Times: Cap Lifts, and So Do Spirits

Anyone who knows us knows that raising broad awareness of SMA is something that we are pretty passionate about…just a wee bit. And. So. Well. We’re pretty excited around here today. The New York Times ran a vignette on our family today about SMA and our perspective on the two pieces of the new health […]

Annual [updated] open letter to Health Net CEO, Jay M. Gellert

Ahhhhhhh, the New Year! January 1 brings so many things every year — resolutions, new beginnings, fresh starts, renewed optimism. Apparently, care of Health Net President and CEO Jay M. Gellert and his cohorts, my family can add egregious private health insurance premium increases to that list. How much? Oh, just another 35% this year […]

Critical RSV Vaccine Denied, Fought, then Approved by Health Net

I was more or less expecting a denial of coverage from Health Net this year for the very expensive Synagis vaccination that helps protect at-risk children against the human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). RSV is the major cause of lower respiratory tract infection and hospital visits for infants and is most commonly dangerous for premature […]

Response from Health Net of California President, Steven Sell

Following is Health Net’s response to my letter dated January 30 to Health President and CEO, Jay Gellert. The response is from Steven Sell, President of Health Net of California. ====February 12, 2009 Dear Mr. Strong, Thank you for your January 30 email to Jay Gellert regarding Health Net’s premium increases. As president of Health […]

An open letter to Health Net CEO, Jay M. Gellert

January 31, 2009 Mr. Jay M. GellertPresident and Chief Executive Officer, Health Net, Inc.21650 Oxnard StreetWoodland Hills, California 91367 Dear Mr. Gellert: As the President and Chief Executive Officer of Health Net, I think you should be made aware of something that your company is doing and the impact it will have on the well-being […]

35% insurance premium increase – thanks Health Net

I apologize in advance for this health insurance rant, but I felt the need to get a few things off my chest. It’s also probably fair to note that while Health Net, our PPO insurance provider, bears the brunt of my frustration below, I recognize that its root is more with the overall health care […]