Good Things For Gwendolyn: A Slumber Party with Hayden

Oh these two girls…they are just too much! Gwendolyn and Hayden just love each other and we were so excited to spend the weekend at Hayden’s house — a three day slumber party filled with fun, fun, fun! The Calafiores live about four hours north of us in Central California. They are surrounded by rolling hills […]


I can’t believe we haven’t posted about this yet because — it was AWESOME! Last Monday we packed up for four days of Disneyland fun and we met the Calafiore family for some BFF fun — a sequel to Gwendolyn’s birthday trip in October, only this time it was a “just because” trip. Gwendolyn is […]

Little Star and Gwendolyn in Santa Barbara News-Press

You all know that Little Star is Gwendolyn’s animal BFF. She loves him so much and he loves her. I’ve written about them here, here, and here. We are so lucky that Diane (Little Star’s Mommy) is such a dear friend. She always includes us and she always, always makes Gwendolyn feel special. We met […]

Calling Nurse Gwendolyn STAT

Remember “Career Day”? Well, our fabulously thoughtful friends Heather, Wade, Reagan and Kendall read that blog post and quietly got to work making sweet G’s career dream come true. A package arrived in the mail with a note that read: Gwendolyn, You can be anything you want to be… And, yes, I burst into tears…happy, […]

Preschool Photo Shoot and the Small Things

Yesterday, Gwendolyn had her preschool photo shoot. She took her class picture with all of her school friends and teachers. And then — just like all of the other kids — she excitedly took her posed solo shots sitting in her purple tumbleform chair in front of a cheesy faux window sill setup She was […]

Good Things For Gwendolyn: Our Animal Whisperer and A Half Birthday

Today Gwendolyn is 3 1/2 and I can’t believe it! 3.5! I can’t believe it has already been six months since her big 3rd birthday celebrations — her first trip to Disneyland, the month-long “Birthday Bonanza” giveaways, the $36 for 36 months campaign that raised $3,300 (Wow! and THANK YOU!), and all the birthday love […]

Good Things For Gwendolyn — Valentines

I can’t believe it has been a week since Valentine’s Day and I haven’t posted about the many, many good things. Bottom line — Gwendolyn loved all of it! Valentine Party. Our Valentine fun began with a party hosted by our friend Marina a few days before the official day. Marina is one of those […]

Good Things For Gwendolyn: Weekly Gramma Visits

Not unlike the connection I have with my Mom, Gwendolyn and her Gramma have an extremely unique and special bond, too. We’ve written about it before, but Gramma happily drives 80 miles each way from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara every week to spend time with Gwendolyn and help us out around the house. She’s […]

Little Star Love

Gwendolyn and Little Star have an awesome connection. He is her buddy for sure, but what I am coming to realize is that Little Star loves Gwendolyn just as much as she loves him. He is so gentle with her and so eager to be by her side. She loves to feed him carrots and […]

Good Things For Gwendolyn

There have been lots of good things this week — simple things — that have made Gwendolyn (and us) very happy! 1) Swings with Mommy and Daddy. Gwendolyn loves the swings. She is a regular swinging fool! One day at preschool we stayed on the swings for a good 30 minutes and she just beamed. […]