Halloween Fun For “Dorothy”

Gwendolyn has had an absolute amazing Halloween. She was so darn excited about everything. She quivered with thrill reading about all things Halloween, every special Halloween thing at Preschool was off the charts in her mind, and we both loved using the fun crafts she made there to decorate our front porch. And at home […]

Viva Las Vegas

Before unexpectedly driving 5 hours north to Stanford, we had a fabulous planned long weekend 5 hours east of Santa Barbara visiting some great friends in Las Vegas, Nevada. Viva Las Vegas! Whoa, the G-Van is really racking up the miles these days… Gwendolyn is actually a Vegas veteran. Yep, at not-yet-four-years-old this is her […]

Long Weekend Love

Oh what a weekend! Prepare for photo overload because we have been having a blast enjoying the warm weather with friends and celebrating our favorite fella’s birthday. On Saturday Bill got to spend the day golfing with our friend Will, while I got to hang out with Will’s other half, Daalia, and their two adorable […]

Blueberries, BBQ, and I Madonnari

We had a wonderful weekend filled with friends, sunshine, and even some new adventures. On Friday we went to a friend’s house for a play date. On Saturday we went blueberry picking at a charming farm. On Sunday we went to a BBQ at a friend’s house. And on Monday we attended the I Madonnari […]

Good Things For Gwendolyn: A Slumber Party with Hayden

Oh these two girls…they are just too much! Gwendolyn and Hayden just love each other and we were so excited to spend the weekend at Hayden’s house — a three day slumber party filled with fun, fun, fun! The Calafiores live about four hours north of us in Central California. They are surrounded by rolling hills […]

Calling Nurse Gwendolyn STAT

Remember “Career Day”? Well, our fabulously thoughtful friends Heather, Wade, Reagan and Kendall read that blog post and quietly got to work making sweet G’s career dream come true. A package arrived in the mail with a note that read: Gwendolyn, You can be anything you want to be… And, yes, I burst into tears…happy, […]

Friends, Friends, and More Amazing Friends

We have been spending lots of time with our wonderful friends. We’ve gone to visit, we’ve had visits, and we are loving every single minute! I drove down to L.A. to spend the day with one of my dearest childhood friends, Theresa. Theresa is so creative (the puppy themed party, the Trike-A-Thon…all Theresa) and I’m […]

Good Things For Gwendolyn — Valentines

I can’t believe it has been a week since Valentine’s Day and I haven’t posted about the many, many good things. Bottom line — Gwendolyn loved all of it! Valentine Party. Our Valentine fun began with a party hosted by our friend Marina a few days before the official day. Marina is one of those […]

Las Vegas Rummage Sale Raises Over $2,000 for Gene Therapy

Our friends are awesome! Just flat out amazing! Back in October our dear friends Heather, Erin, Jill, Wade, Ace, and Mark planned a GIANT rummage sale to pitch in and be part of GSF’s $200K for SMA campaign. This isn’t the first time this awesome group of friends has rolled up their sleeves to help […]

Girls’ Weekend Getaway!

This past weekend I went on a surprise getaway with four of my girlfriends (Laurie, Ronda, Marina and Sarah) for Sarah’s birthday. It was planned, organized and orchestrated by her amazing husband, Mike, and it was all a surprise until Saturday morning. He emailed us last month to hash out a date and make sure […]