Super Miss G Is Home Rocking New Super Powers

Super Miss G is doing great. Really great. As in almost fully back to normal. The blood transfusion was a success and we were sent home after just one day with Gwendolyn’s lips more ruby than we have seen in weeks. I’m so sorry we are just posting now. I know that worries people. To […]

Father’s Day Under the Big Top

To be honest, I’ve always felt a bit odd about Father’s Day. Sure I appreciate being appreciated, but I don’t ever feel unappreciated. And I definitely don’t need a dedicated day every year to remind me how fortunate I am to be Gwendolyn’s daddy. For me, every day Gwendolyn is with us is my Father’s […]

My Favorite Things With My Daddy By Gwendolyn Strong

My Favorite Things With My Daddy By Gwendolyn Strong, age 3 1/2 (translation assistance by Mommy) My favorite things to do with my Daddy are swinging on the swings going on walks reading books together snuggling dancing hugs. I love my Daddy. Happy Father’s Day to the best father in the entire universe!

8 Years.

8 years ago today I married this wonderful, intelligent, amazing, and funny man…And 8 years later I think he’s still wonderful, intelligent, amazing, and funny… even more so…and I love him. And BONUS — he gave me this wonderful, intelligent, amazing, and funny little girl! (Crazy — we’ve now blogged our 5th, 6th, 7th and […]

Saying Goodbye

I’ve been a little quiet around here and that is because I’ve been saying goodbye to one of the most important people in my life — Grandpa Harry. Losing Harry (and yes, I called him by his name — everyone did) has been extremely hard. There aren’t many men like my grandfather — he was […]

Easter 2011

What an awesome Easter!  Easter egg decorating, playing, more playing.  A Gramma slumber party.  Easter egg hunting, Easter basket opening, more Easter basket opening, more Easter egg basket opening, more Easter basket opening.  A beautiful walk to the park, a swing on the swings, a meeting with the turtles at the fountain, checking on G’s […]

Grandpa Harry: June 27, 1905 – March 30, 2011

Harry Reese Gillespie June 27, 1905 – March 30, 2011 My grandfather Harry passed away this week and I am devastated. He was 105 years old and while I know this is the normal course of life, this is an enormous loss for me and anyone who knew him. He was kind, thoughtful, generous, insightful […]

A Dream Come True

Firstly, thank you all so much for the many birthday wishes. You really made me feel special and cared for — and your messages, cards, and Facebook posts meant a lot to me (although Bill said I was clogging up his fb feed :))!!! I have to say that this may have been the best […]

2010 in Pictures – Year in Review

I got this idea from my always creative friend Sarah and I love it! I always find myself reflective when the New Year arrives — looking back to learn and grow and just to be amazed at our baby becoming a young lady. I have had so much fun going through all the 7,800,523+ photos […]

Ringing in the New Year with Family!

My sister and her family have been visiting and we got to ring in the new year together. I love when my sister, Elizabeth, my brother-in-law, Chad, and my nephews, William and Henry, visit — love, love, love it! They just left this morning and I now have a sorry case of the dreary wearies […]