Halloween Fun For “Dorothy”

Gwendolyn has had an absolute amazing Halloween. She was so darn excited about everything. She quivered with thrill reading about all things Halloween, every special Halloween thing at Preschool was off the charts in her mind, and we both loved using the fun crafts she made there to decorate our front porch. And at home I think I sang “Five Little Pumpkins” ten thousand times this year…and every time she squealed.

The week started off with a special pumpkin patch/carnival at preschool. She tossed a hoop on different sized pumpkins, did pumpkin bowling, and even rode a horse (a mini horse named Peaches)! And this weekend has been especially fun with all the Halloween activities and finally putting on her full costume. Gwendolyn picked what she wanted to be the second our friend Cherisse gave her the Dorothy costume this summer. And so many friends have given her Dorothy gear that Gwendolyn had absolutely every detail of this costume covered…and I mean every detail! But…she had to have the wig to finish it off — the pièce de résistance.


We put everything all together for the first time on Saturday when we drove down to Agoura Hills for the awesome Smile To Fight SMA fundraiser hosted by the Humes family. Bill was out of town so the 65 mile drive was a little tricky to do on my own, but we made it and I am so excited about the Couture Foto images of Gwendolyn dressed as Dorothy! (More on this fun event later.) Gwendolyn and I listened to the WOZ songs all the way there and back and Gwendolyn definitely felt like a million ruby slippers.


On Sunday we decorated our pumpkin. I found these awesome sticker kits at Michael’s and they were perfect for Gwendolyn. She’s never really been interested in the pumpkin goop (or maybe that’s me) and I wanted to find something that she could be fully involved in. This was perfect. She picked the sparkly purple cat (surprise!) and was very serious about where each eye, nose, ear went. I had to do the tail since it was a little more involved, but overall I highly recommend these “Creatology” sets for other SMA parents (or parents of little ones).


On Halloween day we started the fun by visiting the Santa Barbara fire stations with the MDA and giving them candy. Gwendolyn thought this was very important and very exciting. She LOVED when the firemen commented on her ruby slippers or her Wicked Witch doll or her wig. She rolled her eyes enthusiastically with each comment. And I loved getting to thank the firemen for all they do.


After a nap Gwendolyn was beyond excited to get her costume on once again, hold her pink treat bucket and hit the road. We put candy out for the neighbors and then headed to the Paskins’ house to be with all our friends. Sarah outdid herself with delicious treats for all of us. We were the first to arrive and Gwendolyn was giddy to be greeted by Chef Reese and Biker Jack. Gwendolyn and Reese were so cute on the front porch watching with anticipation for the rest of their friends to get there and loved getting to be the ones to give out candy to the other trick-or-treaters. Once Prince Charming, Snow White, and Buzz Lightyear (plus all the siblings and sweet little babies) got there and got settled, we strolled the neighborhood. Seeing Gwendolyn so completely blissful made me once again so amazed by my little girl. She cannot walk herself up to each door. She cannot speak those ubiquitous “Trick or Treat” words. She cannot eat the candy being given out. And yet everything was so wonderful just because she got to be part of it. Gwendolyn is a child just like all children and she simply wants to be involved in the fun. And on occasions such as this I am always reminded that we are so, so very fortunate to be surrounded by kind, thoughtful people who treat Gwendolyn with dignity, who make a big deal out of what she is excited about, who talk to her the way they talk to their own child, who want to build her up and surround her with love, and whose children follow suit. And to see Gwendolyn so happy to just be one of the kids… well, that is definitely beyond a treat. After the trick-or-treating we all headed back to the Paskins’ house and Gwendolyn eagerly dumped out all her loot and wanted to count each one. Her eyes were glowing and her fingers were tapping. This was a very, very good day for Gwendolyn!


Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween week too!

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  1. LOVE the Dorothy costume, especially the hair! Miss G certainly knows how to get the look just right :)

    It does sound like an amazing time, thanks to you and some pretty terrific friends!


  2. Well that wig, is just the best! Look at sweet Gwendolyn and all her precious friends. You are so blessed to be surrounded by so much love!

    Can’t wait to see you in a little more than a week1

  3. so cute! what a great time she had!

  4. What an awesome Halloween week! You guys have been busy, busy, busy. I just love to see G in all her Dorothy gear and the wig is icing on the cake. She looks so grown up! Happy Halloween from the Gooden family <3

  5. Maril Roll says:

    The HAIR is the fabulous!!! I love your costume Gwendolyn.

    Sounds like you all had a great Halloween with great friends :)


  6. Love the wig – it really does make the costume perfect! I saw a book at Barnes and Noble yesterday, The Wizard of Oz scanimation book, and thought of your little WOZ-obsessed pumpkin. Our boys love the scanimation books as they “move” when you open the page… very cool! It’s something she might like: http://www.amazon.com/Wizard-Oz-Scanimation-Classic-Rainbow/dp/0761163735

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