SMA Wing Fest

This is awesome and hilarious — and a reminder that truly anything can become an opportunity to raise funds and awareness for SMA.

Friends Chris Byrd and Joseph Ranseth are doing what guys often do — challenging each other. In this case, it is a “Wing Fest”. Yep , that’s right, these men are dueling over chicken wings — already sparring and taunting on Twitter (funny stuff). And get this, Joseph is a Vegan. But why have all the fun just themselves? Chris and Joseph have created an all out, full on, Man vs Food style wing-a-palooza. And Buffalo Wild Wings in Phoenix, AZ is sponsoring the event. Here is the scoop from Joseph:

This is definitely going to be the best tweetup ever. After being away from Phoenix for almost 6 months of travel, I (@JosephRanseth) am coming back into town and we’re going to party it up like it’s 2011.

With @JustChrisByrd at the helm, we are going to gather as many people as we can to eat, drink, be merry and raise funds & awareness for an awesome organization: The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation, champions of the cause for SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy).

How Can YOU Participate?

1) SHOW UP! That’s it, just come down and hang out, have some drinks or wings and laugh your ass off with us. RSVP at:

2) If you want, join the fundraising team by clicking here! (Click the black “Join The Team” button.) Think you can find someone to donate $10? Then do it, we’ll give you prizes.

3) Don’t want to eat wings? Can’t make it? You can also just donate a few bucks to the cause. (Click the orange DONATE button to make that magic happen.)
We are going to be streaming the event live, and will be posting lots of pictures, trash talking, etc. We’ll have prizes available for anyone who participates, and maybe even some karaoke afterwards. 😉

Come join us, it’s going to be amazing!

And why are they doing this? These two.

These two darling, spunky, hilarious tots, Kyle and Lauren, are Chris’s twins. And they have SMA. Chris and Cassandra Byrd are always talking, tweeting, and thinking outside the box to kick this no-good-awful disease to the curb. And they manage to do it with humor.

SMA Wing Fest is already off to a spectacular start. Big fun is being had. Tons of people have rallied around it. Over $1000 has already been raised and growing by the minute. We have no doubt that SMA Wing Fest will be an awesome night!

Details >>

  • When: October 27th | 7 to 10pm
  • Where: Buffalo Wild Wings | 2510 W Happy Valley Rd | Phoenix, AZ
  • Why: Why the heck not? Have fun. Join in. Win prizes! And fight SMA.

Spread the word and join the fun!

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Mom fighting to END SMA, the #1 genetic killer of young children.


  1. What a blast. Seriously, if we were closer, I know a few in my family that would definitely be up for the challenge. Mark for one, who has dubbed himself, the Wing King … not only in eating but making them. When we first met, we did wings and Budweiser at least 3 times a week. Class act, uh?

    Anyway, super idea. Fun and out of the box for sure, and Chris’s twins, they are just so darling.

    Hope you are well my friends. Love to you all.

  2. We’re shocked at how our local community has rallied around the cause. Big thanks to Buffalo Wild Wings for not only donating the wings for our contest but also 10% of the bill of all our friends and spectators. There are at least five contestants now, and a week to go to continue to raise money. Kudos to for facilitating the donation process, and big thanks to Chris and Joseph for a) coming up with this and b) sacrificing their stomach linings to eat so many hot wings for a good cause!

  3. Kelly Gillespie says:

    Watching those smart & adorable kids on their power chairs just made my day! Hope y’all have a wonderfully successful event.

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