Pumpkin Patch and A New Four Year Old Attitude

Woowee! We have been going, going, going lately. And when we aren’t going out with Miss G we have been working hard on some new changes/updates/projects with theGSF. We are pretty darn excited, but it means I haven’t been blogging about my #1 girl as much as I usually do. There has been lots of fun lately — don’t worry. And Gwendolyn has been keeping us on our toes with her new “I’m four, so you need to recognize” attitude. And, yes, she is all sass when she gives us the look. We’ve been battling full on tantrums the last two weeks, but can I say that I find it absolutely wonderful? Of course they can be frustrating that she is frustrated, but in the midst of her stubbornly asserting herself and me trying to deconstruct what it is she is telling me I want to jump for joy that she is doing this. With an SMA diagnosis I wasn’t sure we would ever get to see this sass and, well, I say bring it on and I will gladly grin and celebrate my amazingly, awesome, so-sure-of-what-she-wants little girl.

Case in point — when she woke up from her nap this week Gwendolyn just HAD to wear these. Good thing I got the full message right away so no tantrum. My favorite was that as she wore them she swayed her legs as if saying, “Check out how faaancy I am.”

Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch. I absolutely love this time of year. It’s G’s birthday month so it always starts off great and then we have pumpkin patches, decorating, fall parties, trick-or-treating, and so many other child-friendly activities around town. Gwendolyn was super excited about the pumpkin patch this year. We love going to Lane Farms where they have animals and lots of quaint features throughout — plus it was the first pumpkin patch we took Gwendolyn to as a little one-year-old.

The pig was definitely the highlight this year, which is surprising since they have a horse. But Gwendolyn was fascinated by the way the pig wobbles and by her very robust size. After checking out the animals for a while we went through the corn maze. Gwendolyn is super into spooky right now (well, the mild preschool version of spooky) and this fit right in. She loved it, especially when we said we were lost. Next it was time to pick our pumpkins. We always get one for each of us and Gwendolyn had the official yay or nay about each one. But after she spied the white pumpkins she insisted she have a white pumpkin as well. Since we are choosing our battles carefully right now, four pumpkins came home with us.  And, you know what, the white is très chic and looks darling on our porch next to the bright orange. Always the fashionista :)

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  1. So glad to hear that everything is so well! Love to hear all about G’s adventures!! : )

  2. Ha! Love that sassy girl :)

  3. Maril Roll says:

    I love hearing about her 4 year old attitude. Miss G is so adorable. Can’t wait to see what she picked to be for Hallowween.


  4. Love to hear she is communicating more and more…How awesome! Love to all of you :)

  5. Jennifer Calafiore says:

    I hear you on the attitude. Hayden is having fusses about naps when she clearly needs one. Even some ‘back talk’ when we tell her no. Of course Chris just laughs.

    I love the pictures of the farm. A corn maze sounds like a fun adventure.

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