Health Net Health Insurance Premium Increase: 18% this year, 136% over last 4

Health Net — our health insurance provider — is at it again this year raising our health insurance premiums at ridiculous rates. This year it was a clean 18%. Yup, 18%. That number is crazy on its own, but what % do you think Health Net has raised our health insurance premiums over the last 4 years. 80%? Nope. 90%? Nope. 100%? Nope. Try 136%! Yes, one-hundred-thirty-six-percent! 136%! Over. The. Last. Four. Years! Health Net, that’s just plain unjustifiable.

I’ve been outspoken about every increase along the way. I’ve blogged (35% blog post, 35% blog post, 9.75% blog post) and written open letters to Health Net CEO, Jay M. Gellert, written letters to Health Net Executives and their Board of Directors, and written to our U.S. representatives and state representatives. I’ve received cordial responses back every time from everyone. But nothing changes. And every year we get another premium increase letter.

I don’t expect anything to change this year or next or the following, but I won’t stop making it known what the health insurance industry is doing to ordinary families like ours. Something needs to change. I know it’s complicated. I know health care costs are rising. I know it’s everyone else’s fault. But that can’t continue to be the excuse for passing the buck and piling the problem on top of us — your customers. Until the issues are faced by the health insurance industry and our legislators one thing will remain sadly true — the rising burden of health care costs on families like ours will continue to be the single largest reason for bankruptcy in this country. And that’s a shame. And inexcusable.

Until next year…

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  1. And people are upset about the 60% Netflix price increase. Netflix don’t have nothing on Health Net! Geez…that is awful. I am so sorry you guys.

  2. I don`t know how Americans survive with health insurance the way it is. How you guys manage amazes me! You have the stress of a very sick child and dealing with everything on a day to day basis and also providing a roof over your heads. It`s about time governments stepped in and did something about the greed of these companies. They are mercenary.

    Love you guys and hope you get the strength of everyones support and prayers to keep you going.

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