Gwendolyn In The AeroSling Swing

It’s no secret, Gwendolyn LOVES to swing on the swings. We can’t even think about walking past the park near our house these days without taking her on the swings. And at her preschool, she’s on the swings every single day. She loves it. And we love it.

Most of the time we hold Gwendolyn in our lap on bipap and we swing with her. While we love every second of that — and she does as well — we know that she’d love to swing without mom and dad sometimes :) We’ve tried a few different adapted swings and some work better than others — this one that you can get from is pretty good. At Gwendolyn’s summer preschool program they have an adapted swing called the AeroSling Swing that is just awesome. It’s like a small hammock chair that attaches to the normal swing chains. We then put her Tumble Form feeder seat inside the swing. And she can sit securely inside the AeroSling Swing in her Tumble Form feeder seat on bipap — we use this Go-Anywhere Head Support to hold her head securely in place. And she can swing independently with all of the other kids in her class.

She ABSOLUTELY loves it. And our little daredevil loves to go as high as we’ll push her :)

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  1. Jennifer Calafiore says:

    I love this idea. CCS has a sling/hammock thing but never thought about putting the tumbleform in it. Looking great G!!

  2. Tammy Duke says:

    Soooo cool!! Swings were always my favorite thing as a kid…even as a grown up I have used a “wheelchair swing” at MDA Camps! Swing, swing, swing Gwendolyn!

  3. Love it! It don’t mean a thing if you don’t got that swing… and G def has it xo

  4. Awesome! I love that it attaches to an existing swing. I’m going to share this with the preschool staff I work with. We often have children who, like Gwendolyn, love to swing but struggle to support themselves even in the adapted swing we own.

  5. Go G Go! Go G Go!

  6. Brodie and I just watched this together! I love showing her videos of Gwendolyn. Big smiles over here from one little girl who loves to swing to another :)

  7. Kristen says:

    Love the video and the very fitting music! It reminded me of the trapeze at the circus!! : )

  8. Awesome!!! I love that she gets to do this all by herself!!!

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