Good Things: Schools Out for the Summer

We can not believe our baby finished her first year of preschool, including a special summer program. And what a year it has been. To say we are proud is putting it mildly. That Gwendolyn had this opportunity fills us with such enormous gratitude and that it was so enriching for her is beyond wondrous. This has been a year of so many new things for her, so many good things for her, and so many chances to just be one of the kids.

She got to meet new friends…

be part of the group…

Halloween parade

Snack and story time

Thanksgiving dinner at school

play dress up…

make things…

learn things…

go on a field trip…

climb a tree…

receive a flower from a boy…

play in a playhouse…

swing on the swings…

and take her first school picture…

Gwendolyn has thrived this year. She has become even more confident in her spirited personality and even more determined to direct her life the way she wants it — and, as her parents, we are so proud to step back and let her guide us. Thank you so much St. Andrews Preschool for welcoming our family with open arms and lots of hugs. Thank you Bear Club for doing the same this summer. Thank you to the teachers and especially Amy for being so creative in how Gwendolyn can always be included — there is nothing that makes her happier than getting to do what the other children are doing. We are so looking forward to the many adventures the next year will bring for little Miss Gwendolyn. Our little butterfly is growing up.

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  1. Sarah Turnbull says:

    Yay, Gwendolyn!!! You are a beautiful butterfly :)

  2. This is so wonderful!!! Congratulations, Gwendolyn. Sending lots of love to you and your proud parents!!

  3. What an incredible year Miss G has had! Her opportunities and your wonderful picture log show so much! I see more than the school and programs willingness to include her, awesome in itself. I see an incredible family who was not given a choice whether they live with SMA and with that they have rose up and firmly said shown that they will do what ever it takes to make the world Gwendolyn’s playground. Their fund-raising efforts will make the lives of others better, a cure is coming.

    You leave me speechless, to say I am inspired is an understatement!

    huge huge hugs!

  4. Who said G has limits?? She doesn’t!! She gets to do all she wants, this is beyond awesome. What a great year for all of you. You are setting an example for so many of us! GO G!!! Hugs

  5. yay! so proud of you Miss G!

  6. Lisa Prokopetz says:

    goosebumps all over….gosh….that is just so, so wonderful!!! As a fellow teacher I am so very proud to see these pictures of how Miss G fits right in her preschool. The compassion and caring shown by all who get to know her is absolutely incredible. It doesn’t suprise me much that she is a little determined firecracker—she comes by it naturally from her mommy and daddy!! Beyond happy that she had such a great year and learned so many new things!! There is more of that to come…..can’t wait to hear about it! :)
    be well…
    Lisa :)

  7. Kristen says:

    Tearing up as I read this post. We are so truly thrilled for all of you! Go Gwendolyn!

  8. Congratlations to you all!! G is a anazng butterfly open to exploring everything and it is so exciting to follow her adventures through your blog.

    Have a wonderful rest of the summer :)


  9. Tammy Duke says:

    Everywhere Gwendolyn goes she is sprinkling seeds. Seeds of compassion, understanding, education about SMA, love, empathy…and so much more. The children Gwendolyn encounter are gaining so much from her…her classmates can carry their experiences with Gwendolyn with them forever. The kids will grow up better human beings just from knowing Gwendolyn and that is beautiful. Such a little girl, making her mark on the world in a HUGE way that will carry on forever!! I can’t wait for next school term for Miss G!! I want stories and photos…..the journey is beautiful!

  10. Jennifer Calafiore says:

    I love all these pictures especially the Pocahontas pigtails. She looks so happy being with her class mates and joining in the fun. Seeing how great this was for Gwendolyn moved us to put Hayden in preschool (during safe season) and it has been wonderful experience for her. Thanks for letting us follow your jouney. Love you G!

  11. I love catching a pic of her every now and then wearing one of the barettes I made her! Like the Miss October shot!

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