A Royal Tea Party in Oz

This weekend Gwendolyn received a very special package of gifts (more on that later) — one of which is a Wizard of Oz tea set. Gwendolyn has been in heaven playing with it. We had a tea party yesterday with Laurie, Chris and Connor at the Santa Barbara Mission. And this morning Gwendolyn and I attended a very special tea party with some elite members of society. We got all gussied up, selected jewels including earrings, bracelets and necklaces (more is more to a three year old), and even put on sparkly lip gloss. Gwendolyn had her choice of tiaras and we actually had several tiara changes throughout the party because one can never really decide between tiaras. Her dollies attended and were on their best behavior. And several in the horse collection joined us — and they were very thirsty. The Duke and Duchess popped in for a bit. And it was a grand occasion. Gwendolyn was a fantastic hostess and made sure I always had the plate of my choice and a full cup of a tea. Oh and of course we listened to Wizard of Oz music as we sipped our tea and savored our crumpets. Cheerio.

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  1. MT Grandma says:

    How cute – you and Gwendolyn have such special times. Much love to both of you

  2. What an awesome party!! And Kate and William were there, oh my gosh!! She looks very stylish using the towel Amanda sent her :)

  3. Tammy Duke says:

    So adorable! I loved tea parties as a little girl. Gwendolyn is the perfect little hostess! Love the tea set!

  4. Jennifer Calafiore says:

    What a sweet princess. Just so decked out in those jewels. I bet the Duchess was a little jealous. This is a ‘must do’ when the girls get together. Hayden has never been to a tea party.

  5. Hey guys we are not nearly as important as The Duke and the Duchess, but do you guys thinks we can get an invitation to the next tea party we’ll be delighted to join the party.



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