Our Dancing Diva

Gwendolyn loves music. She always has. Her favorite is to play music in the car (loudly and with the sunroof open) and to dance like crazy as we roll up to preschool or therapy. But she doesn’t like any old song — she likes a beat. She’s so specific about her tunes that the radio DJ was frustrating her, so I created a “Gwendolyn Dance Party” playlist on my iPhone. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only mom with a three-year-old who has her own playlist …right?

By far Gwendolyn’s favorite song right now is…
Rihanna – Only Girl (In the World)

Yep, and now you are dancing, too! :)

This is Gwendolyn dancing on our way to school. She likes to raise her hand and tap her wrist to the beat. Or hang her arm off her stroller and move it to the music. And she really likes Mommy to sing and dance, too. If you see us, just ignore the crazy lady rocking out — I’m making my little girl happy :)

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  1. Jaime Gooden says:

    Bust a move Mama! I would love to pull up to a stop light and see that. You make me laugh!

  2. Love this, and can totally picture you rockin’ out while driving down the road….and no, you aren’t the only one, my car is often a dance party! Hugs,Em

  3. I’m gonna need a copy of that playlist, so Lucy and I can groove with the divine Miss G!

  4. Oh how fun! Nicholas absolutely loves music too! He always tries to sing along…he likes upbeat tunes too :)

  5. nope your not the only one..lol, my 3 year old has her own ipod, and we are ALWAYS rockin out in the van

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