For the last several months at therapy, Gwendolyn has been working hard on practicing in her power chair and perfecting the setup and controls to give her the best opportunity to drive and drive and drive and drive and drive. And while she looooooves her power chair, the last couple of weeks Gwendolyn has been back in her stander and loving every minute of it.

One thing is for sure…Gwendolyn has definitely grown — she has literally grown right out of the stander :) The past few weeks Gwendolyn has spent 20-30 minutes “walking” around her therapy unit, checking everyone and everything out, saying “hello” to some of the other children, and enjoying some fun, challenging activities with her therapists.

I can’t believe how big she looks in that stander these days. It seems like just yesterday she was too small for it :)

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Passionately dedicated to raising awareness of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), the leading genetic killer of young children, and accelerating promising research towards a cure. Together we will end SMA: one person and one dollar at a time.


  1. Can you imagine how different the world looks to her like that?!! So cool!
    Her AFOs look just like Brodie’s :)

  2. Tammy Duke says:

    Gwendolyn is getting to be such a big girl! So sweet!

  3. Yay Gwendolyn!!!! How exciting and look how TALL she is! Wow!
    P.S. Love those horseson her braces! :)

  4. Marcela Vallarino says:

    She is super tall!!! Thats so great she is doing all this things for her well being…the most important thing is that she is enjoying every minute of it! You are awesome parents, you should teach a class on SMA parenting :)

  5. what a beautiful, tall young lady!! And what a thrill to have a strong, upright perspective on the world – I’m so proud of her!!

  6. So tall and so beautiful.

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