Birthday Donations/Children Helping Children Part 2

We continue to be incredibly humbled by the dozens of people who have chosen to turn their special birthday into a fundraising opportunity for GSF. Some have done big things for milestone birthdays (like Julie’s 40th and Mia’s 30th), hosting parties at restaurants or bars and asking all their friends to donate to GSF instead of bringing gifts. And many others have utilized the awesome features on Facebook’s Causes, collectively raising over $7,000 in Facebook birthday wishes alone! Some have been organized by good friends and family. Some have been done by fellow SMA parents. And some have been done by people we have never met. All of these efforts move us and each time GSF is selected, we feel incredibly honored that someone believes in what we are doing enough to connect their special birthday to our cause.

And we have been especially floored by the many selfless acts of kindness from parents of young children. You may remember the post we wrote about Children Helping Children — there is something about children helping children that leaves me weak at the knees — but at age one, two, and three… this really has to do with especially amazing parents for deciding that their children are already blessed with and in abundance of stuff, and so to honor those important milestones parents have asked guests to make a donation to GSF instead. And what is incredible about this is suddenly guests are asking, What is SMA? Well this post is to thank and honor the many children and their amazing parents for deciding to turn their special day into an awareness and fundraising platform. All of these families inspired us to do the same in honor of Gwendolyn’s birthday this year. And thanks to you, our wonderful supporters, we were speechless by its success.

So, thank you adorable kids for giving up the toys. And thank you Moms and Dads for making an effort to change SMA in honor of your children!!! All together, these sweet children have raised over $7,500 for GSF. INCREDIBLE!!!

In alphabetical order:

Alexa Felix – 3rd birthday

Casey O’Neill – 13th birthday

Ethan Turenchalk – 3rd birthday

Gabi Thompson – 3rd birthday

Giselle Detweiller – 1st birthday

Gwendolyn Strong – 3rd birthday

Isaac Portugal – 1st birthday

Jadon Burks – 1st birthday

Luke Sherman – 3rd birthday

Margaret Deakyne – 1st birthday

Sofia Turnechalk – 1st birthday

Veronica St. Onge – 6th birthday

Happy, happy birthday and thank you for already being so philanthropic!!!

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